Format your data with one of the following styles.
data types
Choose "Transform" from menu.
Set parameters and submit your task.


1. The first step each time is to choose the data type; otherwise, the results you get might be wrong.

Data type: Sequences (default) or Variants
When your data are sequences, please follow the following rules. 
(a) The sequence should cover mtDNA genome lacking D-loop and its length should be 15000~17000bp.
When your data are variants, please follow the following rules.
(a) All of the sequence variations identified by users should follow International Society for Forensic Genetics 
    guidelines (reference). The sequence variations can have four different styles, as exemplified by "Sample name 1",
     "Sample name 2", "Sample name 3" and "Sample name 4".
(b) In MitoTool, the insertions are recorded with a style like "100+C" or "100insC"; the lone deletions are 
    recorded with a style like "249d", "249del" or "249delA"; the continual deletions are recorded with a style 
    like "290-291d" or "290-291del"; the transversions are recorded with a style like "16182C" or "A16182C"; the 
    transitions are recorded with a style like "73" or "A73G"; each variant needs to be separated by a comma or a space.
    Variants from one sample need to be inputted in one line without inserting a line break in the middle.

(c) Due to phylotree updated, we recommend user inputted these following variants like the later style.    
    573+C(n) => 573+XC or 573insXC
    960+C(n) => 960+XC or 960insXC
    5899+C(n) => 5899+XC or 5899insXC
    8278+C(n) => 8278+XC  or 8278insXC   
(d) If your sequence has no variant compared with rCRS, the variants of this sequence compared with RSRS would be the following:

73, 146, 152, 195, 247, 263, 750, 769, 825T, 1018, 1438, 2706, 2758, 2885, 3594, 4104, 4312, 4769, 7028, 7146, 7256, 7521, 8468, 8655, 8701, 8860, 9540, 10398, 10664, 10688, 10810, 10873, 10915, 11719, 11914, 12705, 13105, 13276, 13506, 13650, 14766, 15326, 16129, 16187, 16189, 16223, 16230, 16278, 16311, 16519

2. The symbol ">" in front of the sample name can not be omitted.